The Conscience of the Gods

Divided Times

Charand Uncle Oris continued to scamper away from the entrance to the lair of a Soreth, the Green Dragon. Being very careful and meticulous about covering their tracks, the two managed keep the dragon and its lackeys off their trail. Hiking westward, staying to the hills, this odd couple felt safe to sleep for a night.

Meanwhile in Volta, Hrun Tarrok un Hunding, Webel, and Erich went about business in town — taking advantage of a few days in civilization to shop, talk to people, and rest. The city of Volta is still flooded with refugees. Ships are booked for weeks in advance and merchants are starting to capitalize on the high demand. The group spoke with Curuvar to see about getting assistance with the missing Char and Uncle Oris. Curuvar was able to cast a Sending spell to update Char that the group is in Volta and will come to help soon. Char sent word back that he and Oris were fine and on their way westward.

As Char and Uncle Oris worked their way through thick, mossy forests and hills, they detected movement surrounding them. They climbed trees to hide, when a group of three dwarves burst onto the scene. They looked ragged and outdoorsy, with tan skin and unkempt clothes and armor. “Where are they at? Where did they go?!” one of them shouted. They all stopped and looked up to see a Goliath in a tree waving at them. A glob of spit landed on one of the dwarves shoulder and he looked up to see a grinning hunchback laying on a branch. Before they could respond, raptor-like trills rang out and reptilian beasts attacked. Fast Scytheclaw Drakes pounced on the dwarves, Skinwinged Behemoths flew down to snatch up the anybody. At one point, Char was lifted away by a Skinwing that seemed bent of flying away with him. He crushed it with his maul and sent both he and it toppling to the ground. But poor Oris, being so slow and easy to hit, got grabbed by another who took off. Leaped up into a tree to get one throw of a hand axe at it… and took the behemoth down! The drakes continued to swarm the dwarves and now threatened to run off. The dwarves shouted, “Get ‘em, bring ’em down! They’ve got our comrades inside!” Char pummeled the remaining drakes down. Then, he went to check on Oris. The poor, crippled man had broken during the fall and was no more.

One of the dwarves spoke up, “My name is Gerrek, we are outcasts of Bastion. Thank you for your help… I suppose you earned a right to the loot…” The other dwarves were already slicing open bodies of the drakes and pulling out the valuables from the recently digested meals. They seemed to show no regard for the actual remains of what appeared to be dwarves.
“It’s lucky the came back in our area so soon! Usually they only feed every two weeks. It wasn’t lucky to see these flying behemoths that killed your friend. I’ve never seen those around here before. Seemed like they were working together… looking for something…” said Gerrek.



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