The Conscience of the Gods

Errich's Bravest Day Ever.

With Char stranded alone after the death of Uncle Oris, barring some dirty dwarves, and slowly making his way to Warrington by sea, our brave adventures continue to foil the enemy army’s advance. They convinced Lady Moonfire to accept the population of Upper Volta, so that we might concentrate our forces. Hrun, Webel, Dara, and Errich trek back to Upper Volta to deliver the news and convince Drake to convince the population that this is a good idea. Drake has done splendidly as a mayor so far, even managing to level up one of his guards, change his class, and grant him some cheap magic items.

In the evening during a strategy discussion Upper Volta has two visitors. Kyren, beaten and shaken, the obvious victim of torture, appears and says he has been in Ceylon. He claims the Banites know where his wife is and that she is alive, but they won’t tell him. He doesn’t have a goatee so we assume he is safe. Webel takes the opportunity to softly and silently vanish away, saying he is going to scout the surrounding territory and possibly defender Upper Volta till he feels like restarting his wandering.

The second guest is the Friendly Neighborhood Elf, who tells us he has discovered where the river is dumping supplies. Our heroes decide to trek out there, with Dara inexplicably staying behind and standing on top of a church while the Dragonborn Warlord Kirv, Drake’s #1 man who will never advance in the world because he insists on saying “In Ancient Dragon Born Empire (noun) (verbs) you.” The supply dump is easily found and disposed of, and as always Hrun keeps things interesting, this time by throwing the dead bodies of fallen enemies at living enemies in order to frighten them into surrendering.

With only one enemy left alive the interrogation proceeds apace, and an ambush is set for the Dragons that supposedly show up the supply dump every night. However all our adventurer’s see is a wagon that bolts as soon as they tell it to stop. Hrun darts forward on Scar and the chase is on, hand axes flying, things falling and/or being cut off the carriage, climaxing in the unlikely sequence of events that starts with Errich teleporting onto Hrun’s mount, Hrun throwing Errich, Errich falling and thus activating his boots to teleport five squares directly onto the carriage, where he proceeds to incinerate the driver and severely damage the wheels.

Interrogating the sole remaining member (noticing a trend here) of the carriage crew, this money was intended for the same destination and personage as the last carriage our adventure’s stopped. Back-tracking to pick up the various dropped items, another surprise awaits our heroes! The dropped chests are in fact Mimics! They open up with a surprise round, biting Kyren harshly.

While the group manages to dispatch one of the Mimics swiftly, fate strikes. Tyrus, on a Wyvern, appears and begins taunting and blasting our heroes! Not to be deterred, Errich knocks him off his mount and causes him to fall 50 feet to the earth, where Hrun rushes up and starts beating on him. But Tyrus escapes by teleporting away! The group converges again, dishing out dailies, auto-damage zones, charge attacks, anything to get Tyrus down. Even Scar joins in. Surrounded, Tyrus manages to mount, but he is dragged back down to earth by Kriv, and surrounded again! His mount shifts upward slowly, completely out of reach! Oh no!

But wait! Halfing Sorcerer to the rescue! Errich flies up over the Wyvern and uses the power of wind, thunder, and lightning to force it back down to the ground. Then he kind of hangs out in the air. Next round, again!, the Wyvern attempts to shift away, but Errich pounces (as in jumps) on Tyrus on his mount. Hitting Tyrus twice, he finally dispatches him!

But no! The other Wyvern, who has done almost nothing up till now… runs away. Then Tyrus rolls a 20 on his Death Saving Throw, gets up, lives a round, recharges his teleport, and is then chased down like the dog he is by… Errich’s auto-damage zone! Yes! Errich then promptly gets retrograde amnesia, remembering nothing of how he exactly pulled off his these amazing feats.

It was Errich’s Bravest Day Ever.



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