The Conscience of the Gods

Fort Coyote

What's up, fort full of bugbears? It's cool, we're slavers too.

The adventurers had a fine time interrogating the three Bane-ists that were left alive from the ambush. Char, the Goliath, and Hrun, the Half Orc, played “Bad Cop, Bad Cop”. Mostly, they just discussed the various ways they would enjoy brutally harming their captives. Since they never really asked any significant questions, this foray into the imaginarium of the sick and twisted lasted many hours. In the end, the squirrel in the backpack was never sewn into anyone’s stomach.

The PCs learned that the Bane-ists had semi-expected them. The wagon (pulled by Spike!! {on a 1 in 6 roll}) was loaded with two barrels full of ale. Sweet delicious ale… wait a minute, Char notices a black residue around the cork. It’s poisoned ale! Good thing Drakewas already dead at this point because he wouldn’t have made it through this one.

It is also learned that:
  • there are some slave camps nearby, notably Fort Coyote where slaves work on lumber.
  • Tyrisis in charge in Ceylon.
  • Bane-ists are all about a new lawful control of the land.

The party heads back to Upper Volta, where Anna gets a bit lost in herself and regales the poor workers with the tales that they have done to clear the land of ne’er-do-wells. She tries to get them to buy drinks enough to bring to the ogres, before it dawns on her that these black-lunged locals are poorer than dirt.

The party heads down to Volta. Some shopping is done for residuum. Dragon scales are given to Meganna Nistral. Many kegs of beer are purchased from . Sarah, the captured Blade of Bane, is converted to worship Kord and brought to the Temple of Kord. Hrun is offered 300 gp for his Symbol of Divinity by Mac Warren. He explains that it belonged to his brother, who was killed by goblins many years ago.

Next, back to Hidden Valley Ranch to try to turn a profit on some booze to the Ogres. The team doesn’t get the price they were hoping for (50% markup?) and learn why merchants have not bothered to try to tap this possibly lucrative trade route. Sober ogres are only slightly less aggressive around barrels of ale than drunk ogres. Still, they made some money. Then headed to Fort Coyote, as marked on their map by Sarah.

The party rode the wagon up to the fort, a three story tower surrounded by canvas tents and tree stumps. With the face characters up front and the others hiding under blankets in the wagon, they were sure to ride right up to the tower. They successfully bluffed the bugbear guards into believing they were bringing some more slaves. But then the game was up. Battle ensued. The bugbears called alarm to the others in the tower. They started shooting from above. The half-orc creatively decided to use the horse shelter as a huge shield. They chopped it down and carried it over their heads, deflecting tings of crossbow bolts from above. When they got up to the front door, they began chopping at it with axes. Anna was just barely visible from above and got shot twice with a crossbow from above. She fired back a perfect shot, knocking the assassin from the 45’ tower. The party scooted over, turtle style to start attacking the bugbear. He called for help and the doors swung open, the whole mess of them came out to attack. The PC’s won the day, and beat them back. The BBEG, Captain Gnash, retreated back into the fort and barricaded the door.

Now… to go after him or take 5? The slaves are expected to return soon and with them, their contingent of bugbears…



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