The Conscience of the Gods

Harken II

"Defend the Barn"

After tossing the dead wolf-trainer in a pen (to make it look like the wolf must have mauled him with large, slashing weapons), the adventurers hunkered down to wait until nightfall…

barnAs dusk was settling into the valleys, around 7:30pm, the sound of a number of wolves and goblins was heard coming down the road to the east. Kang, the heavily armored Dragonborn Paladin, crept away from the barn and behind the silo. There, he discovered a Leg Breaker trap. While he managed to dodge it, his heavy shield clanged against the silo… alerting the approaching Goblin Wolf Riders.

Again, with the power of doorways… the heroes held the barn against the onslaught of superior forces. But as they cleaned their weapons of the last of the Dire Wolve’s blood, they realized there was one less than they initially saw. One had gone back for help!!

The clock was ticking (or at least the DM was counting rounds) as the party headed South. Across an open field, they were careful to drag a dead goblin to mask their scent and then cover up their tracks. But it was a long stretch of open land, and just as they were a mere 30’ away from the edge of the woods… the goblins returned to the barn. Despite their distance away, the goblins spotted them in the dim light and immediately pursued.

Our heroes rushed through the forest, hearing the barking and snarling closing in behind them. Suddenly the forest ended in a 70’ steep, rocky ridge. Hrun, the Half-Orc ranger positioned himself in a tree with his longbow. Anna set herself up in a tree, wrapping her ball and chain around the tree branch. Kyren, Char Wild, and Kang Basilla got in position near choke points of large trees. 16 goblins and two dire wolves walked up to the heroes: “Come out come out wherever you are! Your precious liberated slaves are now safely back in our hands… how nice of you to bring them here to us since the Bugbears failed to watch over them properly!” Battle ensued: Kyren bit the dust three times after Kang literally slide him out of the kettle and into the fire; Char chased down the spell casters; Hrun finally jumped down from the tree to hack apart the archers; and the lone, grizzled Dire Wolf came in to assert control over the other Dire Wolves. As the three wolves trotted off into the creeping darkness, Hrun ran after in futility, whistling and kissing for the beasts to return.

And so… they must decide… to skip out of town so they can nurse their wounds. Or to advance on the fortified house that had been housing the goblin chief?



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