The Conscience of the Gods

Harken III: Taking Care of Business

3 Wolf Moon happens

8:30 pm—Another group of goblins eradicated. Crathlor and his goons had found the unguarded freemen/slaves-again and set up an elaborate ambush. One that would make Ewoks look primitive and incapable of taking on Imperial forces.

The heroes scaled a small cliff to get close to the keep overlooking the city of Harken. Those not burdened in plate mail and heavy shield snuck around the back and climbed over the wall… just barely keeping quiet enough not to alert the goblin cooks, who hadn’t noticed their freshly baked pie was missing and in Hrun’s belly.

Those who were burdened in plate mail and heavy shield (just Kang Basilla) approached the four goblins at the gate. He intimidated his way by the goblins, who were amazed when the gate was opened from the inside and closed behind him before they could act. For a few brief seconds, they could only silently mouth curses as they were too dumbfounded after letting an intruder walk right past them. Soon, they realized what just happened and started yelling.

Our five characters dashed across the courtyard to the large manor that had lights and inhabitants. They pounded down the door and burst into a small dinner party: three goblins and three humans. Only the goblins seemed rearing to fight, as two berserking goblins started swinging their flails and Grady, the big boss of Harken, charged forward with his short sword.

Goblins don’t do well in difficult terrain, and since Char Wild took on a Iceberg form, there was no where to run and no where to shift. Anna Dietrich, caught up in the heat of the battle, blasted at one of the humans leaning against the far wall. Suddenly, this scar marked ruffian joined the fray. As he charged adjacent to Char, the two recognized each other: this was Grull, a murderous robber from the streets of Warrington that Char had brought in years ago. Grull began slashing and spinning, countering Hrun’s attack by putting him in a headlock while still cutting Kang Basilla to submission. Kyren was able to heal the Paladin of Berronar Truesilver. But now, Grady had an ally to work with… fortunately for the party, the rich noble sitting at the table, still enjoying his fried chicken and grape juice, interrupted Grull, telling him it was ok if Grady were to die. Grull begrudgeonly halted his assault. “Come, have a seat, there is plenty of food remaining and I had ordered the best!” said Fastud il Sook. As the party awkwardly tried to whisper to each other whether or not to attack, he continued: “So, you must have dispatched with the goblin guards sent out to find you. You’ve killed off Grady, who was put in charge here. Now what do you intend to do?” “We’re heading to Ceylon to stop an invasion,” spoke Char. Fastud frowned, looking upon the horrid armor of sinewy flesh and eyeballs that is Char’s Coat of Eyes. “Why do you wear such an awful thing?” Fastud asked. “It’s handy and protects me. We tried to destroy it, but couldn’t. I tried it on, and now it won’t come off,” said Char. “Well…. you should really do something about that. Do you ever wonder who is seeing through those eyes and what they want?” “What the crap are you doing here anyway?” blurted out Anna, who was eying up some fried chicken but worried how it would affect her good looks. “Business, as usual. I’ve dealt with Harken before and now that there was a new show in town, I had to attend to some personal negotiations and matters. You know, there is a decent food production output from Harken, but the fools don’t have any advanced machinery for fine goods and wares,” said Fastud. “Are you dealing with the slavers?” Char asked pointedly. “Dealing with them… yes… dealing in slaves, no. Business is business, and if I didn’t do business with people who took slaves or stole from the weak or something or other… well, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.” “What other forces are there in this town?” Asked Hrun, who was stuffing chicken legs into his backpack. “Well… about 40 goblins, their wolves, and whatever residents have converted to the cause of Bane,” answered Fastud. “Converted? Why would anyone betray their own people?” puzzled Hrun. “Hah… not unheard of really. Put anyone in captivity, they adopt a sort of ‘if you can’t fight em, join em’ mentality. They call it the Stockholm Syndrome, you know, falling in love with your captor. Right, bard? You probably have heard of that.” Kyren wasn’t listening closely, but was suddenly puzzled why he was mentioned.
The PCs journeyed downtown. There was an archer’s tower along the way, guarding the path up to the keep. But Char just leapt over and into it and mopped the floor. Note: Archer Towers are more effective verses enemies coming from below than from above.
The heroes came upon a nicer manor amongst the town where humans were milling about. One stood outside and was about to act tough, but Kang Basilla convinced him with a growl of sparking flames that it would be best for him to run. Opening a door normally for once, the party walked in on a party and quickly broke it up. They beat down some more Blades of Bane and another Adept of Bane, but left one to question. He seems a bit ornery but shares some enlightening information which is perhaps best shared by this Adept of Bane’s Journal.



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