The Conscience of the Gods

That's Far Enough

Save some of the Dungeon of Dread for next time.

The PCs got lightly acquainted with a new Dragonborn by the name of Kang. He looks a bit different from Drake being:
  • Green
  • Shorter and stouter
  • Alive
    Hrun was very paranoid that the group should go back and check all unchecked doors. Then he noticed some nooks that didn’t seem to be efficiently chosen and built for a dungeon. He looked and looked but couldn’t find any secret doors. So Hrun sat down to read some of the books that the agents of Tiamat had been reading through. Interesting stuff about each lineage of the Dragonborn:
  • Dracum: Drake’s predominant lineage. Most dragon-like features and crimson hues.
  • Serpen: Longer necks, taller. Yellow and orange hues.
  • Komoda: Massive and thick looking. Gray, black and blue hues.
  • Anolis: Lean and slender traits. Green, brown, black hues.
  • Agamid: Spikey scales. Brass and brown hues.
  • Basila: Shorter, squatter. Green or brown hues.
    The party found a private room, warded by an explosive trap. After a few bursts of damage, they got in to discover a 300 year old study and bedroom. The remains of the inhabitant, Kalim Serpen was on the floor, completely decayed. A Quick Curse Rod +2 was on his posession and there was a journal on his desk. It detailed his experiences consorting with ancestral spirits of the Dragonborn for his warlock pact.

A small weapons cache was found. It had aged poorly due to the moisture and some 500 years since they’d been used. But one spear looked very interesting. Char went to seize it, but it happened to tip over right at that moment. Kyren picked it up, analyzed it and passed it over to Char explaining it was a Grasping Spear +2.

The team decided not to back track, but to keep progressing forward which led them directly into a room full of spiders. Like dragonborn tend to do, Kang charged right in amongst all the spider swarms and phase spiders. Anna was bit by one of the phase spiders and soon fell into a slumber of which she couldn’t be awakened. Kyren gently slid her out and around into the hallway so she wouldn’t be preyed upon.
Another room full of books was found after the spiders. But all were fed up with books at this point and ignored this room.
A room with teleportation stones was found… with evidence indicating this was how the fat green dragon found it’s way into this dungeon.
In the last unexplored portion of the first level, there was a grand mosaic showing the top battles of dragonborn history. Mostly it was dragonborn kingdoms fighting each other; some of the dragonborn uniting to battle other races. One image stood out, of all races uniting to fight against dolgrim and dolgaunt and other strange creatures with an array of tentacles and eyes. This mosaic shows the dragonborn driving the fell creatures into holes in the ground as druids blanket the earth with a green magic. There was something that stood out in this setup. One dragonborn that appears to be facing the viewer instead of the battle. Upon twisting its shield, a drawer slid out of the wall. It had a Khyber Shard of the Fiery Depth in it.
Finally, the PCs made their way back to the room that Kang had escaped from. The main room was a study. The door into it had been bolted and barred many times over to secure against entry from the outside. It was wide open since Kang left from the inside. The strange body of dragonborn lay slumped on the floor. His skin had been sewn and reattached many times over. Occasionally, small parts didn’t look like his own. The figure wheezed ever so lightly, inspiring Char to cut its head off immediately. Kang took offense, and attacked Char, with a big whiff, accidentally lobbed his sword down the stairs and fell on his butt. The head rolled off and Char went downstairs to go pick up the longsword and get away from Kang. Everyone but Hrun went downstairs to start searching the cloister. They found a pretty basic living and studying environment. A little gold, and a lot of dead dragonborn that Kang slew to escape. At the end of the room, was a massive set of double doors inlaid with draconic decor. Upstairs, Hrun started flipping through the notes on the table and found a chart that was pretty recent for one Ember of Drakesville. It was circled with a note next to it, “Three lines run true! Such a good match!” Then, Hrun noticed the body still moving. He put the head back on a bit until the figure was able to speak again. We learned that Ember could produce a “Fullblood” and that this creature had a phylactery embedded in his chest that must be destroyed for him to die. Hrun hurled the phylactery against the floor and the dragonborn died peacefully. Hrun shared with the group…
The Team then went to check out the downstairs. It was a cold, powerful aura that they first noticed. A dragonborn spirit approached them and told them to leave. They wanted to talk. It really demanded they leave. They tried to ask more questions. “Only a Dragonborn Paragon or a Fullblood may go further.” Hrun was really trying to figure out what this guy knew about Tiamat followers amongst this dungeon… but was only given, “Your troubles are petty compared to what we deal with below.”



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