The Conscience of the Gods

The Upper Volta Revolution

The heroes gathered in Upper Volta to take stock of the situation developing in the Baku Forest. Tyris’s armies of goblins were pouring out of the mountains, pillaging and enslaving elven villages. Danees, a half elven cleric, gathered the PCs and a few other shop owners together to talk about the situation. In this town that is ruled by wealth, power, and business — the defense against the oncoming armies was placed upon Jumbo Jimbo, Bereth, and Ghelch, the three biggest bosses in town. Palisades had been constructed, but were sabotaged by a group of goblins that was let into the town at one of the three last openings.

After some gumshoe investigation, the team found that Bereth had been in league with Tyris and some agents of Tiamat. However, Ghelch was also guilty of ordering a slaughter of some innocents at a mine in order to gain some ground. And Jumbo Jimbo was secretly draining all of his money and investments to pull out of town before the war came. Being a very principled group of adventurers, when the time came in front of the gallows to call out the guilty verdict on one of the bosses, they accused all three of harming the town. Hrun yelled out an inspiring speech about rising up and taking the town back. Pretty soon, the miners, lumberjacks, and laborers were all about taking down the bosses. All three bosses gave each other a silent nod that this would have to be put down all together.

The heroes slew Jumbo Jimbo, chased Ghelch down to his main lumbermill and killed him and his men among as the whole building collapsed in flames. Then, they went after Bereth’s house. While formulating a plan involving a large shield, Hrun noticed a magical glow going on inside the building. It was a portal ritual! They all charged!

Erich, the halfling sorcerer, released a thunderclap and soared through the air into the 2nd floor. He saw a portal surrounded by Dragonborn, hastily throwing bags and boxes of gold and valuables through to the other side. Erich exploded again and jumped across the room to get between Bereth’s men and the portal. Char and Hrun were scrambling inside as the dragonborn began retreating through the portal. Erich knew this thing would only last five rounds… but when did it officially open?!? Char chased after Bereth into the portal, followed by a giggling, drooling Uncle Oris. A Deathpriest of Tiamat was the last to travel through the portal and then it closed, leaving no trace behind.

In a dark, humid, acrid cave in the middle of ????, Char and Oris now had to battle most of the Dragonborn by themselves. With Uncle Oris’s immense healing and damage reduction abilities plus Char’s constant marking and autodamage, Bereth and his men were finally defeated. Battered and tired, the two heroes decided to try to find a way out before anyone else might come check on this portal room. But first, they grabbed a couple pieces of the portal to temporarily disable it.

While trying to find their way out of these sulfurous caves, a group of dragonborn and abashi came down their way, failing to notice the heroes. But soon, they discovered the bodies of their comrades and called to alarm. Char and Oris ran outside, finding themselves in a lush forest. They did their best to cover up their tracks as the fled off into the wilderness.

Meanwhile in Upper Volta: Hrun, Erich, and Webel (a bugbear monk) assessed the situation. There was no way to know where the portal went or to recreate it. They had 2,000 gp laying in front of them. The three main bosses were out of the picture, as were almost all of their guards. The town was perhaps even worse off now verses the oncoming goblins. They split up and began trying to emphasize the leadership qualities of Drake, determined to make him the leader of the town. Drake, a recovering alcoholic dragonborn that was recently raised from the dead, took right to the role, thinking this was just the way to return to his true status and place.

The next morning, the three heroes rode off towards Volta, in search of Jimbo’s last carriage. They didn’t find it along the way or in Volta. But the town they knew, was now a bustling, overcrowded refugee sanctuary. Hundreds of elves, humans, and halflings have been fleeing the oncoming goblins. Most of them are living in tents outside the city or on the streets. Lady Moonfire met with Hrun and told him what has been going on: there is a meeting of nobles in Warrington in four days, she thinks that if the heroes accompanied her to that, they could get some military support; crime was up and morale was down in Volta; the guard had been training more intensively and adding citizens, but they need some experience before the war actually comes to them.

What will the heroes do?



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