The Conscience of the Gods

They Call it Puppy Love

Fort Coyote and Harken

The adventurers chased Captain Gnash, Bugbear leader of Fort Coyote. fallingHrun and Char climb up the wall to the roof and find Gnash there, preparing to climb down. They fought valiantly as Gnash ignored Hrun like a red-headed goblin-child so that he could strike at the Warden who kept marking him. Char went down and then suffered a coup de grace from the rapier. Hrun, realizing he was only a striker and no defender, pulled Char away and down stairs. The rest of the party: Anna, Kyren, and Kang came running up to the second level only to see their spider-climbing friends nursing serious wounds. They dashed back downstairs and Kyren caught a glimpse of Gnash flopping the last 15’ from the end of a burnt rope. They chased after him, but there was no chance catching him.

They went back to the fort to take a break and then barricade themselves. Soon, Gnash came back with four more bugbears. Anna rained fired down from above with her patented Stand>Shoot>Prone method.

The bugbears had a hard time making their way through the bunk beds the party had put in their way. It impeded their flow into the fort, allowing the heroes to dispatch them with much less flanking danger.
  • In the fort, they found much gold and information:
  • An invasion is about to commence within a week’s time.
  • There are numerous slave bases around the region, supplying Ceylon with natural resources and labor.
  • Lorther is at Camp Blackscar.
  • A warning notice was delivered to Fort Coyote, identifying the heroes as “savages and villains” who have been responsible for the deaths of many. It gave specific instructions to not approach them without superior numbers and tactics, rather to report to the nearest base and to Lorther when they’ve been spotted.
  • Erika Uray is the recent leader of Ceylon, serving as High Priestess for Bane. She sends missionaries to slave camps weekly.

The slaves of Fort Coyote are about 60 men from a nearby town called Harken. Their women and children are held there, and are the reason these men hadn’t tried to escape.

Wolf Puppies! After much consulting of a map the former cartographer of Harken was able to sketch up, the party decided to roll down south in three wagons, so that all the slaves could come along. A mile out, they left the wagons and went off the beaten path. Hrun, taking point as the forward scout, snuck up on a aged and battle scarred dire wolf that bolted as soon as Hrun made himself known.

The heroes snuck up to a small set of farming buildings where barks, yips, and growls emanated. Hrun spied a grizzled man, undoubtedly a trainer of these dire wolves. The trainer spotted Hrun and went to release the hounds. Two dire wolves and a swarm of puppies came spilling out. Using the power of sliding barn doors, the party kept the wolves out of the fight while only dealing with a pack of puppies that were bound and determined to lick faces and chew on shoestrings. Kang grew tired of their hindrance in battle and breathed fire upon them, causing much harm. Instantly, the party turned on him and attacked, locking him in a wolf pen. The trainer was dispatched, and using his gloves and whistle, the nature-ific Hrun and Char were able to quell the female wolves attitudes.



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