Uncle Oris

The most well meaning, kind hearted and creepy hunchback the world has ever known. Watch out for drool.


Uncle Oris, level 7
Human, Cleric
Height: 5’5" (5’9")
Weight: 230lb
Eyes: Chalky
Hair: Very thin, almost bald. Reddish

Str 6
Con 15
Dex 5
Int 12
Wis 19
Cha 16

AC: 16
Fort: 18
Reflex: 17
Will: 22

HP: 57
Surges: 9
Surge Value: 14

Acrobatics: 0
Arcana: 9
Athletics: 1
Bluff: 6
Diplomacy: 6
Dungeoneering: 7
Endurance: 5
Heal: 12
History: 9
Insight: 12
Intimidate: 6
Nature: 12
Perception: 7
Religion: 9
Stealth: 0
Streetwise: 6
Thievery: 0


Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune

Channel Divinity: Healer’s Mercy

Class Feature: Healing Word

At-Will 1: Sonnlinor’s Hammer

At-Will 1: Astral Seal

At-Will 1: Sacred Flame

Encounter 1: Cause Fear

Daily 1: Moment of Glory

Utility 2: Return from Death’s Door

Encounter 3: Hymn of Resurgence

Daily 5: Iron to Glass

Utility 6: Bastion of Health

Encounter 7: Denunciation


Human: Superior Implement Training

Level 1: Pacifist Healer

Level 2: Light of Order

Level 4: Restful Healing

Level 6: Skill Training (Arcana)


Gentle Repose

Brew Potion

Speak with Dead

Mordenkainen’s Ascent

Disenchant Magic Item

Enchant Magic Item

Known Magic Items

Spidersilk Mantle +2

  • Level 8

  • Item Slot: Neck

  • Enchantment: +2 Fort, Refl, Will

  • Prower (Encounter): Minor. You gain a climb (spider climb) speed equal to your speed until the end of your turn.


  • Level 3
  • Power (Consumable * Healing): Minor Action. Place the woundpatch on yourself or another living creature. Until the end of the encounter, the next time the creature spends a healing surge, it regains 5 extra hit points.

Oris is a kindly human who was born with massive deformities that have left him short, weak, clumsy, with a speech impediment and possibly brain damage (His speech impediment is due to a malformed mouth/jaw, and also causes him to drool excessively). Oris is a very kind well meaning individual who tries his best to fit in wherever he goes. Due to his kindly nature, Oris always tries his best not to hurt people but isn’t a total pacifist.

Oris is kind of creepy, but unintentionally. He’s hideous, slurps when he speaks, is oily and greasy, not to mention fairly simple in the mind, so when he see’s a beautiful woman, he kinda stares and slurps “oooo, pretty ladies”. He means it in the best possible way, but he’s just… well… yeah. For some reason, he insists that everybody calls him “uncle Oris.” It is unknown if Oris has any siblings, much less nephews or nieces.

Uncle Oris

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