The Conscience of the Gods

Drakes Dead... so what's in this room?

Venturing deeper into the Cave of mumble our heroes encounter a strange museum-esque exhibit on evil Dragonborn. The exhibit seems to be putting forth the theory that these “Basila” Dragonborn are all genetically related in their heinousness. During the examination the north door suddenly swings open, everyone but Char assuming it was the kind of common underground draft see in caves is unconcerned, until the Imps attack! Shifting in and out of the shadows they at first frustrate attempts to do them harm, but are eventually put down.

Feeling QUITE tired at this high altitude, it is decided a nap is in order! A watch order is set out and though there are strange noises most of the night, everyone sleeps well. Anna spends her watch reading, and then burning, all the books in the room a page at a time. Until the last watch when a strange mist almost seems to attack Char through the door way, as he is thinking about how this dungeon is a fine place for Unicorns, flowing ineffectually off him. At which point he is charged by a fat, marshmallowy looking dough ball that easily fills up the entire narrow hallway. Yelling to alert everyone, the battle is joined!

Sadly, while Hrun, Kyren, Anna, and Char all manage to survive the ponderously bulky Dragon and his strange Tiamat worshipping follower, who probably should’ve been killed first, Drake meets a final, fateful end at the hands of ongoing bad breath and an unfortunate inability to take blasts as well as he dished them out. Thankfully his trusty companions loot his body, skin the dragon, and move along with nary a glance backwards. Though Hrun entertains the thought of skinning him, making a cloak, having him resurrected, and then gifting him with his “Dragonborn-made” armor. He feels this is proper thanks for the fact that Drake led them to near death at the claws of not one, but TWO dragons in the same day. It does not occur to anyone to ask Hrun if that is what he’d like done to him if he should die, for fear he might say yes.

In the next room our adventures are again forced to wade through some very challenging characters. Anna, Hrun, and Kyren get stuck near the door facing a man who simply blazes in combat, while Char runs around to the back to lock down the two ranged enemies. One being identical to that sad, sorry little man who followed around the fat Dragon. While slowly picking away at these foes, another Dragonborn comes through the other door. Sadly Anna’s attempts to kill him fail, and the party meets Kang. A captive of some insane madman who is a Flesh Golem in disguise, he has escaped and is on a quest to do…. things. That do not involve killing the Flesh Golem specifically.

At the very last, the party finds a wonderously useful Flagon. Holding it, you feel quite certain that if there is any alcohol to be found anywhere, you will know exactly which direction to walk. Char is pretty sure the fact that it is telling him to go back to the next room is just an indication that Drake imbibed so much in life that drinking his blood would actually get someone quite blasted. Looking carefully at Hrun and thinking about Orcish ideas of celebrating a comrade’s honorable death, he puts the Flagon carefully away in his pack. The party prepares to journey deeper into the Cave of Dishonor (God damn lying Drake).

Dungeon of Somethingorother
Constructed by Dragonborn, occupied by Monsters
  • Bereth, Dragonborn oligarch of Upper Volta, clued Drake in on the location of the Dungeons of Dishonor.
  • Ghelch mentioned to the PCs that Tyris had been to town many months earlier.
  • Jumbo Jimbo, put to the sword in his own home before his guards could protect him, blubbered all the information he could about Tyris. The tiefling had come to town looking to set up some trade of iron. The prices weren’t to his liking, and after negotiations, left town frustrated with the merchants of Upper Volta.

The adventurers realized something was up. Tyris wanted lots of iron ore and resources. Then set up an Ogre tribe to start stealing from the caravans. What could he be doing with all this? Starting a lawn ornament business? Creating a statue of himself? Equipping an army?

They would have to figure this out by ambushing the next representatives of Tyris to come to the Hidden Valley of Ogres. But since that is likely 10 to 14 days away (depending on which imbecile Ogre you are asking), the team decides to go scope out the Dungeon of … Dread? Ya, that’s what Drake said it was.

It was an eventful trip. First, being attacked by giant ants in the night. Then, being surprised by a young gray dragon just as they were nearing the dungeon entrance. It’s a good thing Drake has an active imagination and fully contemplated what would happen if he tried to leap 10’ vertically and try to grab onto the back of a flying dragon.

The dragon was sent packing, thanks to Kyren’s bardic abilities (in that it couldn’t kill any of the PCs due to everyone healing every time you hit her). The party approached the Dungeon of Dread (“Dishonor”, Kyren notices). It lightly resembles the maw of a dragon—a crafted opening that seemed to take the natural stone shape and give it a rough look of the mouth of a dragon, the sides of the opening being the shape of two long fangs. Carved down the fangs in Draconic reads: “Strength depends on bone. Bones ignore time. They are still here to be strong again.” Inside, traps! Luckily, the team had a decent idea of the principles of Dragonborn-kind.

Draconic above the code says: “What represents the Bone, the Strength, and the Spirit of the Dragonborn” (Heritage, Fury, and Honor of course!)

In the first room the party enters, they see ceiling mounted crossbow turrets hanging limply. Sadly, they don’t fire and thus grant XP. But, the Ankhegs and their broodlings do!

Sober Ogres
Hidden Valley Ranch gone bad
  • Adventurers had a choice: go after Tyris in the mountains of Ceylon (“SAY-lin”), go after slavers in city of Warrington; or track down the disappearing caravans of Upper Volta.
  • After much consideration of travel methods, most dire circumstances, and likely difficulty level, the adventurers trotted off to Upper Volta
  • Got to know the three richest merchants of Upper Volta: Jumbo Jimbo, Bereth, and Ghelch
  • Hid themselves in caravans from all three merchants along route and got jumped by a bunch of ogres on a mountain side
  • Captured and interrogated Pook
  • Went to Hidden Valley, the small ogre village. Tried to negotiate with ogre leader, Grock.
  • Grock pulled Drake aside and explained that he didn’t want Hops crops to grow, or else ogres would make more swill and get drunk again. Sober ogres are effective at actually being an organized force.
  • Grock also revealed he’d been contracted by Tyris to steal these caravans, which are occasionally picked up and taken away by men who work for Tyris.
  • Grock got tired of diplomacy and crushed Drake and left him to bleed out
  • The adventurers negotiated some of the ogres to not fight, one to even join them to kill Grock
  • PCs won the day, causing major political-social reform and instilling a new ogre leader named Brock

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