Adept of Bane Journal

Goblins oh noezThe town is overrun! Goblins have poured out from the woods and are upon us outside as I write. Gods help us…

I have managed to secure a position taking care of supplies and resources. It’s allowed me to get out of the quarters they’ve put everyone in from the start. Good thing I knew where Jacob had stored all his aged wine.
Once a week, some preachers come by to talk to us all about Bane. I thought he was god of murder or something, but these people say he is all about law and order.
steak dinnerBest meal I’ve had in weeks!! The missionaries are more than happy to host some of us for special lunches as long as I keep nodding me head to all their babble…
I visited Ceylon with Alber, one of the adepts. It was amazing! Last time I had been to the big city I was a little boy, but it seems to have gotten even more impressive. There are three fantastic temples to Bane and everyone has a job and a purpose. At noon, almost the whole town gathered in temples and squares. Alber took me to listen to the High Priestess talk because she “is a prophet”. She had a lot to say about Bane helps those who help themselves and whatnot.
I really am getting sick of everybody treating me badly just because they’re stuck doing the manual labor and I get the cushier jobs. Why don’t they show some initiative if they don’t want to keep making suits of leather armor every day?
Today, I decided I’d like to join the Church. During the High Priestess sermon, she was talking about how we are stronger united against the dangers outside our borders. How true! Before Harken came under Ceylon control, we were just a bunch of hick farmers, vulnerable to any monster or wizard that wanted some fresh blood. I can remember at least three times when there was some crisis and all we could do was hunker down and suffer until some brash adventurer would get wind of our plight and come to help… for a price. Those money hording bastards would capitalize on our misfortune! “Sure I’ll take care of those kobold bandits, but it will cost you 200 gold.” What!? 200 gold? Do they have any idea how many years it takes for the city to pay that back? Then they usually have the nerve to negotiate, as if our smally dinky town is just sitting on piles of gold just waiting to haggle with a mercenary! Harken is better off now. We have stron defense, everyone is working, and we’re supporting the greater good.
PriestessThe sermon delivered by Her Highness Uray lifted my soul. She spoke of the visions He has given her of His plan. She will lead thepeople of Bane to build a temple in every city and raise an army that will protect the land. She saw the dangers of the world beating againstour walls like waves against a rock cliff. And, she told us, we are His chosen. We will be the leaders of those who are lost. There will be positions as clerics, mayors, guild masters for those loyal to the cause. This land will be our land!

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