Dungeon of Dishonor

“Strength depends on bone. Bones ignore time. They are still here to be strong again.”

Hidden away high in the mountains, northeast of Upper Volta, is Dungeon of Dishonor. It is a deep, extensive chamber built to preserve the history of the Dragonborn. 800 years ago, the five kingdoms of the Dragonborn disintegrated. A great conflict, The Crimson War, was occurring between the kingdoms and their war sapped the energy, resources, and spirit out of the kingdoms.

Blame for this fall is placed on Myr the Vengeful. One of the Basila—a kingdom that had fallen from power before the Crimson War.

This dungeon was built to show the glory of the five kingdoms and keep track of any remaining Basila so they and all their bloodline may be eradicated.
  • Dracum: Drake’s predominant lineage. Most dragon-like features and crimson hues.
  • Serpen: Longer necks, taller. Yellow and orange hues.
  • Komoda: Massive and thick looking. Gray, black and blue hues.
  • Anolis: Lean and slender traits. Green, brown, black hues.
  • Agamid: Spikey scales. Brass and brown hues.
  • Basila: Shorter, squatter. Green or brown hues.
Hallways filled with tapestries and mosaics tell of the Dragonborn mythology and creation story.

Io, The Ninefold Dragon, is one of the true, supreme gods, birthed of the primordial chaos. Then Io creates the chromatic dragons to inhabit the newly created world. Then primordial titans of elements wage war upon the world, seeking to destroy it. Dragons fight alongside gods. Io is slain by a titan, cut in twain and the two sides rose up as dragons, the Platinum Bahamut and Black Tiamat. The blood of Io dripped down on the world and formed the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn became the servants and working class for the dragons, having the size and numbers to build great structures and construct fine treasures for the first born dragons. The tapestries show the creation of other mortals by the gods: Moradin shaping dwarves out of clay, He Who Was (an androgenous human) carving humans from wood, the elves springing up out of flowers, etc. The dragons ruled, though, sweeping more an more of the mortal creations under their control. Then came the uprising. A tapestry of six Dragonborn finding a glowing relic, a piece of Io fallen from the heavens. Crafted by dwarves, magicked by elves into the Arrow of Fate. Which blasted magical energy out, wielded by a Dragonborn spell caster to defeat the dragons. When Tiamat went to intervene and came down as a titanic black dragon, the Arrow of Fate was shot into her belly and began dissolving her presence. She tore at her own flesh to get the thing out and retreated. Much warring occurred of the mortal races hunting down dragons. Much of the imagery other races are familiar with comes to play here: human knights squaring off against a dragon, an elf shooting down dragons, orcs swarming over the beasts and hacking them to bits. Some dragons withdrew from the conflict to the side of Bahamut. To make them safe from the vengeance of the mortals, he coated these dragons in metallic scales. Then freedom! The mortals were free. The Dragonborn were heroes, the races offered gifts, built them kingdoms, let them rule.

The hallways in one area has mosaic art to depict 10 of the greatest battles the Dragonborn have fought. Some are against one another, some against the various races. One stands out: the fighting of the aberrant Dolgaunt and Dolgrim of Khyber. The Dragonborn and humans fight together, driving the beasts deep into the underworld. Druids surround the scene, blanketing a green magic over the surface to seal them out.

In a secret room concerning ancient prophesies and wisdom, a carving is built into a wall: Lo, and the snake that shall eat its own tail shall not disappear. As madness and dark descend on all mortals, our race will again prove the liberators when the blood of the five are united into one who can wield Fate.

-Prophesy of Trekka of Gerlindon


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