Upper Volta

With a population of 1,000 to 3,000 depending on the season and work, Upper Volta runs without any formal law or leaders. There is an oligarchy of decision making by the richer merchants that employ everyone in the town. These seven people will tend to do whatever it takes to get their way and there are often many tricky alliances amongst them for the way business is handled up in the wooded mountains.


Ianward’s Cloak and Blade Outfitter store for mountaineering by Ianward, a human ranger. Only open on Wednesday through Friday. Ianward is a untrusting individual, but a collector of finest gear he likes best, cloaks and swords. Of course, one can find all other mundane equipment here, if Ianward is.

Quickleap Clothes: Run by a Halfling named Quinn Quickleap. Sells mostly mundane clothes and equipment. No weapons, but has any magical boot up to level 5.

Secret Mausoleum: A small shop run by half elven cleric of Erathis dedicated to interesting trophies and finds from across the mountains. Lots of pretty and interesting rocks. More interested in what lies beyond the edge of civilization than civilization itself.

Bull Head’s General Store: Can buy any mundane gear here. Owned by Bullhead, a fat, squat goblin.


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Upper Volta

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