The Conscience of the Gods

Many Things Have Happened in Which New Characters Are Born!

After dealing with the scary Rust Monster, the party of adventurers arrived at a strange room full of severed hands. The adventurers dealt with swarms of evil severed hands and a long nosed, shadowy figure.

The party gathered all of their followers up and rested again before again plummeting through the darkness. After resting, the party was ambushed by a group of fel taints. The party dispatched the fel taints and continued on through the King’s Highway.

On the King’s Highway, the party encountered a drider mourning over a fallen drow elf. Kyren communicated with the drider and found out that the drider had passed a test for Lolth, The Spider Queen. The drow elf was ambushed by mindflayers and was killed before he could take the test. Kyren agreed to assist the drider in burying her fallen companion but was opposed to resurrecting an evil drow elf.

After leaving the drider to mourn once again, the party continued down the King’s Highway. They soon encountered a band of dragonborn. The dragonborn were albino and had adapted to living underground. These Baslonian dragonborn offered to trade with the adventurers. Kang and Torsal, the leader of the Baslonian band, started arguing over a matter of strength. Kang agreed to a strength of test against the leader. The terms stated that if Kang lost, he would serve the Baslonian dragonborn tribe. If Kang successfully completed the test, he would take Torsal’s place as leader of the band. Somehow, against all odds, Kang overcame Torsal and became the leader of the band.

The adventurers continued down the King’s Highway. As they walked along, the children in the group of followers started developing a cough. The adventurers consulted Sharrik on a cure for the cough and the dwarf told the adventurers that they needed to obtain a fungus that grew on the ceilings on the caverns. Char, with his stature and long halberd, climbed up the walls and cut down enough fungi to cure the children.

The group then found a group of dead drow that was seemingly dispatched by mindflayers.

The group then arrived in a room with a crystal in the center. They fought a beholder, dolgrim, a shard golem, and Sharrik betrayed them. The party dispatched these monsters and disabled the crystal laser trap in the center of the room. Along the walls, strange gooey wrappings were trapping people. The adventurers cut down the bugbear Webel, the ranger Rosa, Thorm the thief-catcher, and Odarra the druid.

Where we last left off, the adventurers dispatched an everlasting group of void callers.



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