Errich Redgrave

Halfling sorcerer


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Errich was born nearly twenty-eight years ago, in a small halfling community south of the small human-populated settlement of Upper Volta, situated along one of the major supply routes of the many human-populated cities that populated the land. Unlike other heroes of the age, the halfling’s life began not with a dramatic bang but with a mere whimper. His parents were farmers who made their living supplying passing caravans with their harvest of grain and other goods; his involvement, in his adolescent years, with his parent’s business aided in establishing the young halfling’s views of the world outside his home.

In his seventeenth year, the halfling went through the trials and tribulations that came with the invasion of a band of marauding half-ogres. The band, in brutal fashion, raided Errich’s village of supplies and murdered many halflings, eventually taking the town as a “hostage”. With no answer from towns nearby, the future looked bleak for Errich and his family. Hope arrived, though, in strange and fortunate fashion.

A furious storm of thunder and lightning overtook the lands one night during the halflings’ beginning of their rebellion – while this group of halfling farmers-turned-warriors tried their best to take down the much stronger ogres, failure seemed imminent. A rogue strand of lightning struck the Redgrave home in the assault, knocking Errich unconscious as the ogres stormed in anger. The truth was revealed in the storm’s assault – Errich’s parents had been hiding the rebellious halfling outlaws and had been collaborating with them, aiding them with food and shelter.

But it would not be the marauding half-ogres who took their vengeance out upon Errich’s parents, but the young halfling himself. In a display of power, the scarred and bruised young halfling unleashed a furious assault of lightning and thunder in a battle that turned the tide of the half-ogres’ fortunes. Errich’s spells of thunder and lightning would prove too much for the half-ogres who fled in terror from the village.

In the next few years, Errich worked with his fellow halflings in rebuilding the village and taking control of the powers granted to him in almost miraculous fashion. The reasons, though, for his powers suddenly manifesting themselves on that storm-filled night continued to claw at his soul (in a metaphorical sense, of course). Could it be attributed to the unnatural storm that had appeared over the land that fateful night? Or perhaps could they be attributed to the roping, shining, gold-colored scar that ran from his left shoulder to his right hip? The new “decoration” had appeared on that night as well. The lack of an obvious answer would drive the young halfling to continue to develop his powers, even after some stern warnings from his parents and the village elders that losing control of his gift could destroy everything.

At twenty-nine years old, Errich has progressed into quite the sorcerer and has aided in his village’s defense against advance scouts from the encroaching goblin invasion affiliated with the Baneites. He decides to travel to Upper Volta, leaving his home for the first time, to seek help but does not understand that he will not become one of the most pivotal figures in the battle against the encroaching, and inevitable, attack from the Baneites.

Errich Redgrave

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